Tölzer Löwen (Eishockey, DEL2), EC Bad Tölz (Eishockey), weeArena

Deggendorfer SC (Eishockey, Oberliga), Digitalisierung Städt. Eisstadion an der Trat

EHC Red Bull München (Eishockey, DEL)

FC Sion (Fussball, Super-League), Digitalisierung Stade de Tourbillon

1. FC Lok Leipzig (Fußball, Regionalliga Nordost)

Strategischer Partner Reisen, Touristik, Events

Dear readers,
esteemed sales partners,
sports managers, arena operators, media makers, sponsorship professionals, sporting goods manufacturers,
event managers, concert organisers, association officials and political representatives,
You all share a fascinating passion with me and with our team: the love of sport and live entertainment!


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I’m crazy about my hobby - like half of humanity

Personally, I love ice hockey! It’s part of my daily life – when I drive my little son to kids’ training at the weekend, watch him and cheer for him far too loudly from the stands. When he waits up for me at night and we delay bedtime with a “hot round” of penalties in the living room with a felt puck and plastic sticks. When out of the blue I call my nephew Yasin, a terrific national player, to get the hot news on final team composition and it goes to voicemail because he’s already in the locker room. When I’m in my box at my favourite club, the Tölzer Lions, when I shout wildly and helplessly at the goals conceded by my matadors, and leap up like a jumping jack at their goals and victories… When I’m live streaming on my laptop, and my wife looks at me scathingly because I get so overexcited that I hit the keys in an uncoordinated way and insult the opposing team’s players who I don’t even know… Then I feel like millions, like billions on this planet.

Unique moments motivate you for a lifetime

I am helpless to my passion: I always buy my club’s latest t-shirt, my son must have better skates than I did 40 years ago, and of course I subscribe to all the paid TV sports services. And our family trip on February 5, 2019 to watch the Champions League Final in Gothenburg between EHC Red Bull Munich and the Frölunda Indians? That will stay with me my whole life long. I was as excited as a child at Christmas! And all the fun cost me a lot of money… But it still gives me goose bumps when I think about it!

My hobby is my passion, my vocation and my profession

weeSports & Entertainment is a piece of me. That’s why I’ve pulled together a great team to lead this new “wee” division to international success. From February 13, 2019 we are capitalising the investments we have made so far for “wee”, many times over. But with a cool head, we have developed a fascinating business plan that we will implement with heart and soul. We will change the world! With “wee.” With our “open” stadium payment system that synchronises with the advantages of our cashback and mobile payment system. With our online marketing activities that we hand affiliated retailers on a silver platter for their customers. With offers and incentives for our sales partners that will act like a catalyst. With the chance of unbelievable returns for every individual investor.

My mission. Our mission. Your mission.

“We activate the infinite power of sport and entertainment in our business model, diametrically accelerating the strategic goals of market development and penetration, through the turbocharger of emotion! This gigantic motor for business multiplies for us, for “wee”, the registration of consumers who activate the weeCard and weeApp, and the integration of retailers into the “wee” infrastructure. For fans who think and act on emotion! All in all: More consumption, more transactions, more sales – sustainable customer loyalty in our fans, in the B-to-B and B-to-C sectors alike.

I’m truly motivated.

I’m on fire!

Join us!

Cengiz Ehliz