Launching into an intensified partnership in good spirits: Cengiz Ehliz (visionary and “wee” founder)
and Andreas Lambeck (Managing Director, sonnenklar.TV)

Founder Cengiz Ehliz wants to win an additional 10 million fans as users for “wee” within 5 years

New Swiss weeSports & Entertainment AG networks cashback andmobile payment with stadiums, stationary retail and e-commerce

In mid-April, the Swiss m-commerce specialists presented their newest baby to 800 enthusiastic partners from all over the world in Munich. With the new company weeSports & Entertainment, a strategic and sustainable impulse for the “weeMarketplace” is now taking shape. The two-year project experiences of converting the Bad Tölzer weeArena to cashless payment traffic will be used and capitalised as a blueprint for the accelerated expansion of “wee”, the innovative cashback and mobile payment system. The plan: Synchronise stadium digitisation, retailer development, expand of the online portal, and activate online marketing tools all under one roof! Under the operational management of sales professional Markus Rohrmoser, the Swiss weeConnect AG is responsible for the global expansion, with a new seal of approval vetting all activities in market development (46).

Currently “wee” is already significantly expanding the market under the umbrella of “Sports”: In west Switzerland with the beacon FC Sion, Super-League (football), as well as in east Germany in the Lausitz region, with the Lausitzer Füchse, DEL2 (ice hockey), in the centre. Following the same pattern, the starting signal is to be given this year for three further important European regions, including Germany’s Allgäu region, whose retail trade is characterised by leisure, hotels and tourism, as well as the Rhine-Ruhr region with its approx. 10 million inhabitants. Subsequently, “wee” will be launched in France, Slovenia and Slovakia – with prospects in Benelux, the UK and Austria.

A first milestone was recently established in entertainment: In cooperation with sonnenklar.TV, “wee” prominently presented the live TV gala Goldene Sonne, with opera star José Carreras as the prize winner and Klaus Meine, frontman of the Scorpions, as his laudator. “wee” will purposefully expand and strategically set up its cooperation with the TV station, which reaches approx. 38.5 million households. 750,000 travellers book through the TV station annually and it has 260 travel agency branches within its franchise system. Both partners expect this to be a classic win-win for customer acquisition and retention. At the top of sonnenklar.TV is the German FTI Group, Europe’s fourth-largest tour operator. The sonnenklar.TV brand recently achieved annual sales of EUR 603 million.

Ehliz, multi-entrepreneur in M-Commerce, is burning with passion to realise his vision as a global project: “My goal is to digitise the stationary retail trade area and to make it visible globally via the weeApp. As a search engine, this is the intelligent answer to Amazon!”

Discussions with traditional football clubs, arena operators, associations, municipalities and independent sales partners on the evaluation and activation of stationary retail trade are already in full swing. And: Ongoing discussions on various digitisation projects in China are no longer a secret!

For two years now, the company has been testing its project “The world’s first open Stadium
Digitalisation” in the tranquil Bad Tölz. Within the same timeframe, the company has become the main sponsor of DEL2’s Tölzer Löwen, a newcomer to DEL2, has secured the stadium’s naming rights, and has gradually converted the weeArena into a cashless pilot project over the course of the last season. Simply-X is the service provider for technologies, here. And what makes “wee” so unique?

In the neighbouring region the retail trade was developed for “wee”: Consumers receive a discount of up to 10% in the form of “wee” from affiliated retailers, where one “wee” corresponds to one euro. In contrast to conventional loyalty programmes, the customer is not required to collect any points – he can also have the “wee” he has collected paid directly into his personal current account. The “wee” are collected via the weeCard or alternatively via the weeApp. Discounts can also be obtained by shopping online in 1,400 well-known online shops at However, these can only be taken into account when purchasing in stationary retail stores or on enter or consumption in the currently one weeArena. The positive experiences are now in transfer to Deggendorfer SC, whose municipal stadium will also be converted to cashless with the “wee” system for the upcoming season. In addition to these two clubs, “wee” is also active in ice hockey as a sponsoring partner for the current runner-up team, EHC Red Bull Munich.

The experience gained in the ongoing successful market generation of the Munich metropolitan region, with approx. 5,000 affiliated dealers in the first stage of expansion to date, has shown that unnecessarily complicated processes must be standardised. The aim is to create uniform quality standards worldwide. The implementation of these projects is carried out by the external sales department of the MPM Group Luxembourg.

That’s why the weeAcademy has now been founded as a training and further education centre. The goal: To implement the globally oriented city and regional concept under the message “wee love” with quality standards that bind all sales partners! Then, the proof of concept should be obtained effectively on site according to a given sample.

Through the emotive activities of weeSports & Entertainment, but also through guaranteed quality and performance promises in market development and operation, the global umbrella brand “wee” is now being sustainably expanded.

Oliver Kaiser (52), internationally renowned sports market expert, heads weeSports & Entertainment as Chairman of the Advisory Board: “There are five billion fans globally, three billion of them collecting merchandise, memorabilia and unique pieces, branded by sponsors with club logos…now, if we win over the hearts of the fans and they can finance their passions with their everyday purchases, that is an unassailably unique position in the market! “wee” will become the world’s leading loyalty program in sports and entertainment, I am
convinced of it.”

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